Friday, October 21, 2011

Saying "Yes" To Experiences

Continuing to read the book Smart Women Don't Retire - They Break Free. Refusing to go through the book in one clean sweep!
The authors of this book truly get it!  Their words and stories are making a difference.  Thinking through the powerful message below...

"Suzanne Braun Levine wisely says, "It takes time to break free.  It begins she emphasizes when we enter a fertile void where the things we have done before no longer apply, yet we haven't figured out how to replace them.  Entering this void as ambitious, competitive, agenda-driven women, we must learn, she says, to take the long, slow, deep breath - the gathering of strength that will lead us to a place where our priorities and goals are less rigidly managed and perhaps more deeply felt."

Made the decision to join The Transition Network today!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Visit to Asia

My renewment journey led Al and me to Japan and China for three weeks.  Our visit went by so quickly, but we arrived home with treasured memories of China and Japan and their culture.  Our travels connected us to friends and memorable, cultural experiences in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guilin, Xi'An, Beijing, Tokyo, Hakone, and Kyoto. A few photos to share...