Friday, August 5, 2011

Re-connecting to my blog!

Last posting - February.  It's now August 5 and I'm ready to reconnect and continue the journey I'm calling renewment. Behind the scenes I continue to visit my PLN.  I learn so much from their voices, dreams and visions.  Thought it was time for me to take a risk and share a little of my story, hopes and dreams.

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  1. Alicia, after taking time to read and comprehend your renewment journey, I truly understand your passion and gifts that you were able to share with the students, teachers, parents and community. Life is a beautiful thing. You are like the "Very Hungry Catipillar" along your journey you ingested many talents, lessons and experiences. Now it's time for you to be the "BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY" and soar through your many upcoming adventures! You are a true inspiration to me and I love you! Nilda