Saturday, February 19, 2011

Passion-Driven Journey

I'm reading - Creating a Life Worth Living: A practical course in career design for artists, innovators, and others aspiring to a creative life by Carol Lloyd: Founder of the Writing Parlor & the Life Worth Living Workshops.  I was ready to put it away, because I felt it may be written for those starting their career journey, but as I delve deeper, her writing and examples keep me connected. 

"The task of looking at your life as a series of paths winding out in different directions emphasizes two of the beliefs inherent in this book: First, that there are many roads to choose from.  Second, you really do have free choice." The book is a reminder that "every life of work should be a work of art."

The Passion-Driven Classroom -  I'm so glad to have encountered this book through my PLN! When I read it, it makes sense why I am grieving -- I am about to leave a passionate community of learners that have taught me so much -- made such a difference in my life. On Friday, Feb. 18, several teachers and students came together to share their passions and stories about student learning ... a moment I will never forget.

Angela & Amy's message is helping me heal and deal with my personal transition.  Their words - "In order to tap into passion as a resource to motivate, engage and empower our learners, we must understand these underlying values of passion - Passion is serious, internal, perservering, often quiet, difficult and rebellious at times, purposeful."

I know that my passion for helping to change outdated educational systems so they take on life for students and teachers will never leave my heart and soul. How do we un-school schools? I know I will find that place/cause in time that allows me to keep the flame burning. I also need to give myself permission to "play" and enjoy the things in life I  never had a chance to connect to. My career journey - Living in the projects, being a silent voice throughout K-12 schooling, no hope of going to college, cleaning homes, working in dry cleaner and factory to special education teacher, literacy teacher, academic/professional development director to renewment...The stories and journey will continue.  Alicia's current definition of passion -- Passion is listening to your pain, joy and dreams - believing that there is so much to become part of and make happen.

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  1. Where are you going???!!!! It sounds like you are changing careers! Thank you for sharing your personal passion-driven journey here. It sounds like you are are staying true to yourself!