Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gentle Reminders

It has been six months since I made the decision to leave my career pathway and embrace a road yet untraveled.  I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to experience this gift of time and reflection. I am frequently asked the question, "So what do you do with your time?"  I don't enjoy answering this question because my responses fail to capture the complexities of this next phase in my life.

Through my personal learning network I have encountered individuals who helped me revisit purpose and passion in life. Lisa Petrilli’s "Visionary Leadership Blog" and "The Introverts Guide to Success in Business and Leadership" eBook have inspired me to rethink how I can continue to work and partner with individuals and teams who are deeply passionate about innovative change and new ways of learning/leading for students teachers and administrators.  

Angela Maiers’ TEDx You Matter Video reminds me to consider two very powerful  words – YOU MATTER. These two words “can change your mood. They can change your mind.  They can change your heart.  These two words can change lives and the world if we understand them and we leverage them in the right way.”

I have learned that I can retire from a career,  but I will never retire my passion for change in this world!

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