Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vision for 2012


The Kaleidoscope is the image that represents my vision for 2012...

The power of participatory, connected learning organizations can be visualized symbolically through a kaleidoscope. 

I will stay connected to previous networks while connecting to new ones in 2012.

I will partner with individuals and organizations who care deeply about doing what is best for our Hispanic student population in Cleveland, Ohio. Students will graduate and have equal access to 21st century post secondary learning and choices. The connections we will make will be action driven.  Partners for the same cause will forge ahead to implement creative solutions that connect the individuals and organizations dedicated to improving education for Latino students in Cleveland, Ohio.

The outcomes of the collective and passionate work for kids can be visualized by turning a kaleidoscope and observing the creation of  colorful, vibrant and connected patterns.  As networks engage in the collaborative process, fragments of innovation will turn, spin and change - endlessly rearranging themselves in ways that connect ideas that will help Hispanic students to succeed beyond the traditional classroom walls.

In each kaleidoscope waits a world to be discovered.

1 comment:

  1. The blending of pallets and designs one sees when peaking through the peephole of life (Kaleidescope)stirs excitment and possibilites!!